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Great Opportunity for Kids to Contribute

The past few weeks have been filled with fear, uncertainty and loss. It's taken such a toll on all of us, and when we are anxious our kids are impacted. Turning our attention over the past few days to making masks and face shields has been a welcome shift. Our energy has moved past our immediate and personal interests, to how we can be of service to others.

In a time when we have so little control, being able to exert some positive influence over our emotions and how we spend our time is a gift. It's also allowed us to structure our at-home time with our children.

We're doing crafts, together. As we cut, staple, and sew we are also talking about our deep gratitude for healthcare workers who are doing so much to help us and others. We are helping our kids understand what's happening, but from our mouths rather than the news, and with the benefit of being able to process what this means for us and them.

This is our assembly line with Noah, Leo, Shiloh, and DeEtta, and of course, the finished products being prepared for delivery.

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